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The Rotary Club of Albany, NY has a rich history and has been a part of the community for over a century.


  • The Rotary Club of Albany was established in 1913 and became the 68th Rotary Club in the world.
  • It celebrated its 100th-year anniversary in April 2013.
  • A website was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary, which contains a collection of photos, documents, videos, and oral histories describing the legacy of community service of the Rotary Club of Albany, NY. It also highlights the friendships formed within Rotary. The website was created by Tracey A. Casseus, a History and Media graduate student at the University at Albany, as an oral history media project. You can explore more about this on 100th Anniversary Website.

Charter Members 1913

Albany Rotary Charter Members

Back Row (l-r): Chas. M. Winchester, Thos. J. McMahon, Gardiner C. Leonard, Chas. C. De Rouville

Front Row (l-r): Geo. S. De Rouville, Ben V. Smith, Oscar F. Kinney

By 1913, the year Albany joined Rotary; there were already clubs in England, Ireland, Scotland, New York City, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. In 1913, George S. DeRouville, a wholesale executive for Cottrell & Leonard, called together a few friends in his office on April 15th and Albany Rotary Club was founded.


Since 1921, the Albany Rotary Club has published the Capital Cogs, the club’s newsletter, for the members of the organization on a weekly basis. Below are a collection of the Capital Cogs from the Albany Rotary Club’s archives. Click on any of the links below and a full PDF version will appear in a new window.



Past Presidents

Ben V. Smith 1913-1914 Victor G. Dollery, Jr  1969-1970
Charles M. Winchester  1914-1915 Willis E. Snyder  1970-1971
George D. Elwell  1915-1916 James M. Flavin  1971-1972
William G. Furlong  1916-1917 Thomas H. Shafer  1972-1973
Edgar M. Griffiths  1917-1918 Alexander A Courtney  1973-1974
George William McEwan  1919-1920 James McKee, Jr.  1974-1975
Jacob H. Herzog  1920-1921 Carlton A. Lunsford  1975-1976
Harlan H. Horner  1921-1922 Donald M. Bronstein  1976-1977
Charles C. DeRouville  1922-1923 Robert L. Hill  1977-1978
William L. Gillespie  1923-1924 Joseph A. Ricciardi  1978-1979
Sidney T. Jones  1924-1925 Louis G. Jakovic  1979-1980
Roelif H. Brooks  1925-1926 Robert M. Peebles  1980-1981
George M. Wiley, Jr.  1926-1927 Edwin W. Uhl  1981-1982
Charles H. Johnson  1927-1928 Thomas R. Moreen  1982-1983
E. V. Stratton  1928-1929 Edward M. Cameron, 2nd  1983-1984
William T. Byrne  1929-1930 Laurence G. Barnet  1984-1985
Mark Graves  1930-1931 Vernon A. Buck  1985-1986
George E. Bates  1931-1932 William J. Nathan  1986-1987
C. Reeve Vanneman  1932-1933 Kenneth W. Smead, Jr.  1987-1988
Edward G. Hurlburt  1933-1934 R. Douglas Marshall  1988-1989
Ernest V. Hoit  1934-1935 William G. Fraser  1989-1990
Henry A. Vruwink  1935-1936 Prentiss Carnell, III  1990-1991
Norton McKean  1936-1937 William W. Fibiger  1991-1992
John M. Sayles  1937-1938 William Brian Barr  1992-1993
Charles M. Stern 1938-1939 Harry D. Hotaling  1993-1994
William Mansfield  1940-1941 Ann Bryan Smollin  1994-1995
Harry W. Albright, Sr.  1941-1942 John F. Thornton, Jr.  1995-1996
Albert E. Oliver  1942-1943 Alta S. Schallehn  1996-1997
William K. Collins  1943-1944 Rhonda Childs  1997-1998
Irwin A. Conroe  1944-1945 Steven E. Lobel  1998-1999
Milton L. Perry  1945-1946 Cynthia M. Swadba  1999-2000
Truman D. Cameron  1946-1947 Kevin Tully  2000-2001
Harry E. Pratt  1947-1948 Ann G. DiSarro  2001-2002
Louis F. Hartman  1948-1949 Samual S. Ciccio 2002-2003
Storrs M. Bishop  1949-1950 Carolyn Peterson-Vaccaro 2003-2004
Charles A. Oliver  1950-1951 Albert E. Easton 2004-2005
William K. Sanford  1951-1952 Terry Tyson 2005-2006
Henry H. Bonsall, Jr.  1952-1953 Charles G. Frink, Jr. 2006-2007
W. Norris Paxton  1953-1954 Mark Dugas 2007-2008
Charles W. Riley  1954-1955 William Corbett 2008-2009
Charles B. Cameron  1955-1956 Charlotte DiPaola 2009-2010
Evan R. Collins  1956-1957 Tom Gessick 2010-2011
Stanley R. Crocker  1957-1958 Richard Welty 2011-2012
Franklin Beardsley  1958-1959 Donna Vancavage 2012-2013

Richard Suker 2013-2015

Arthur White  1959-1960 Sonia Long 2015-2016
Donald G. Hatt  1960-1961 William Hempel 2016-2017
Sol Rubenstein  1961-1962 Moses Kunda 2017-2018
Robert H. Taylor 1962-1963 Kevin Pittz 2018-2019
Harold J. Willard 1963-1964 Richard Welty 2019-2020
Edgard M. Robinson  1964-1965 2020-21
Donald G. Brossman  1966-1967 George Hauenstein 2021-22
Dominick Gentile  1967-1968 2022-23
R. Douglas Marshall  1968-1969 Marisa Multari 2023-24