Granting Guidelines – rev. 09-01-14

Albany Rotary Foundation


Requests for funding must be received by September 1st of each year for consideration.

The Board of Trustees of the Albany Rotary Foundation will review the applications and grants will be announced no later than November 1st of each year. The Foundation may consider requests received after September 1 if Funds Available for Distribution have not been completely committed.


Acceptable requests are for funding for health, human services, capital funds and arts initiatives. Requests should be for specific programs or projects, not for general operations.

Incomplete grants will not be reviewed and may not be returned in time for revision to take place before the submittal deadline.

Multiple year funding of projects is highly unusual.

Organizations must provide evidence of a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status in all program activities.

The Foundation is seeking Regional Projects with a Strong Preference for organizations serving residents of the City of Albany and Albany County.

Preference is given to:

Programs for children

Programs targeted at underserved populations

One time funding requests

Projects that demonstrate collaboration between organizations

Projects that demonstrate service to an unmet need

Funding recipients must be 501(c3) under federal tax laws and provide a copy of their determination letter.

Albany Rotary Foundation reserves the right to require a full accounting of how the funds were used.

Specific Components The Albany Rotary Foundation will be looking for the following components in the grant request:

  1. Project Summary (two paragraphs or less)
  2. Organization Capacity (two paragraphs or less about the organization)
  3. Needs/Problems (three paragraphs or less developing the impact of the problem on the target population)
  4. Goals/Objectives (Succinctly state the goals and objectives of the project, including the numbers to be served)
  5. Timetable (Please provide timeframes for accomplishing the project)
  6. Budget (State the proposed costs and budget for the project, including any additional sources of funding)