Membership Categories


Senior Acrive - reduced dues for long standing members over the age of 65

Young Professional - reduced dues for members under the age of 35

Spouse - reduced dues for a spouse of a current member

Corporate - a membership package for up to 4 individuals employed by the same business 


To provide vibrant representation and maintain diversity, membership in Rotary involves a classification system. Each active member of a club is classified according to the person's business and/or profession.To be considered for membership, an individual must hold-or be retired from-a professional, ownership, executive, or managerial position and be invited to become a member. Two current and active Albany Rotary members propose and endorse, respectively. The completed membership application is submitted to the Board of Directors at its monthly meeting. Once the Board approves the application, the name is posted for 10 days for the membership to review. With no objections from any members, the new member is inducted after the $220 annual dues are paid.

For additional information about membership, please contact:

Mike Masucci
Work Phone: 518-489-4106
Fax: 518-489-1184
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.